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Turf Growers Reinforcement Netting

Conwed 'Oxygrid' reinforcement netting - Saves Time, Cuts Carbon and Fully Degradable

Turf reinforcement netting drastically shortens the time needed between sowing and harvesting your turf. By using Conwed Oxygrid turf netting, turf crops can often be produced in half the time and land requirement can be greatly reduced. Harvesting times can be planned much more accurately.
By reducing the growing period needed for a crop, turf maintenance is cut up to 50%. That is months less mowing, a cut in fertilizer and pesticide applications and quite often, a much reduced need to irrigate. Diesel use is reduced, polluting fertilizers and pesticides are reduced and scarce water resources can be preserved.

There is no greater way to reduce a turf growers carbon footprint and reduce fertilizer and pesticide water pollution.

Installed just after seeding, the fine strands of Oxygrid netting intertwine with the developing grass roots and as soon as the grass sward has reached a marketable quality, harvesting can start.

The consistent strength of reinforced turf gives strong, break-resistant rolls and a clean, waste-free harvest.
Approximately one month after seeding, Oxygrid starts to degrade by natural heat, light and moisture. However, when the turf is harvested, normally 6 - 10 months after sowing, the netting will still reinforce the turf rolls and prevent expensive breakage and waste.

After turf is installed on the receiving site, the degradation process continues and after a period of approx 36 - 60 months**, most of the netting will have degraded. The fine netting is gradually degraded by natural organisms in the soil and the dense nature of grass root systems will not allow the degrading material to escape. 'Oxygrid' is non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals.

More Benefits..... Turf can often be cut thinner with turf netting, saving valuable topsoil. This means each roll weighs less and is easier to handle. Less weight on each pallet allows more volume on delivery vehicles, saving on delivery costs and again, cutting transportation carbon !.

More efficient and economical land use.
When a turf crop can be harvested months earlier, land can be re-sown or freed up for a different crop much sooner. Land required for a turf growers market can be almost cut in half when reinforcement netting is used.

Easier Turf Installation
Turf installers like the extra strength, lightness and reliability of of netted turf which resist breakage from extensive handling on site.
And, when you reinforce with 'Oxygrid' the cash return from your crop will be back into your bank account months sooner than would otherwise be the case!

Oxygrid cuts carbon, cuts waste, cuts fertilizers and pesticides, cuts water use and enable much more accurate crop planning.
** Since weather conditions can vary from year to year and from region to region, it is not possible for Conwed to guarantee the precise timing of degradation. The performance of 'Oxygrid' in its application remains with the turf grower.


Online Turf has been growing turf since 1987 and has seen many changes over the years. Turf harvesting technology, mowing methods, better seed varieties have all improved profitability and productivity. The single most valuable innovation, above all others, is the use of Conwed Oxygrid reinforcement netting. This reduces production time, guarantees strong consistent strength roles and improves efficiency for the turf farm.
Online Turf is further increasing its use of Oxygrid allowing a higher number of square meters produced without the need to increase the farm size.
Thank you Early Turf Systems for your excellent service over the years. Yours Sincerely,

- Ian Mercer, Online Turf

The video below shows a pneumatic auto-stapler which can be attached to a netting Auto-Netter. Please contact us for details of supplier.

Conwed 'Sodwrap'

Conwed 'Sodwrap' netting is designed to cacoon Big-Roll turf as it is being harvested and takes away the risk of breakage.
Big Rolls wrapped in 'Sodwrap' roll much tighter, look neater, can be cut thinner and don't waste valuable turf through unnecessary breakages.

'Sodwrap' fits directly onto your harvester and gently wraps big rolls as they are being harvested. The netting also reinforces the turf again as it is being handled and un-rolled on site. The netting can easily be removed from under each strip after the turf has been laid.

'Sodwrap' is supplied in a number of roll sizes to fit popular harvesting machines.

'Stapeley' Bamboo Skewers

'Stapeley' Bamboo Skewers are perfect for securing Conwed 'Oxygrid' to the ground after installation or ideal for securing new turf onto steep slopes. They are fully degradable and do not need to be retrieved after use.
Big-Roll turf roll ends can also be safely secured with skewers and of course, they are excellent for BBQ's !.
We can supply various lengths between 150mm to 250mm x 4mm diameter