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Grass Surface Reinforcement
Prevent festival and showground mudbath nightmares.....!

If you have suffered from muddy boots, stuck vehicles or cancelled outside events, we have the solution.
EarlyTurf supply a range of heavy-duty polypropylene netting and grid products designed to allow grass areas to be used for foot or vehicular traffic in all weathers.

From temporary walk-ways and vehicle tracks right up to more permanent installations that become 'invisible' when grass grows through them when a completely natural appearance is required.

All the products can be easily installed using unskilled labour.
Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure, once a grass surface is badly damaged, solutions using straw, woodchips or stone are always expensive and unsightly.

Turfguard (foot traffic/light vehicles)

Turfguard is the lightest stabilizing mesh designed for foot traffic and light vehicle use and car parking areas. Supplied in 30m x 2m rolls and secured with metal staples.
For best results, Turfguard should be installed 1 - 2 months before use is needed which will allow grass to grow through the surface and provide better stability. Turfguard can be removed and re-used if required.

GP-Flex ( Foot traffic up to HGV's )

GP-Flex is a heavier-duty plastic mesh, supplied in rolls of 20m x 2m. It is made in three grades for different vehicle weights and frequency of use.
Unique special edging provides a slip-resistant surface which gives a better, safer grip for vehicles and foot traffic.

GrassTrack (dual-purpose ground cover)

GrassTrack is a dual-purpose product with a heavy-duty plastic mesh on one side and non-woven geotextile bonded to the other side. It is designed to provide a temporary surface over grass for either pedestrians or wheeled traffic.With the mesh uppermost, it is ideal to take cars and vans and if only needed for pedestrian use, the black geotextile surface can be used uppermost for a smart, clean and dry walking surface.It is supplied in rolls of 1.9m x 20m and can be re-used again and again for numerous events.